Power-Sonic Loodaccu, 12V/45Ah – PS-12450

Power-Sonic Loodaccu, 12V/45Ah – PS-12450

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Power-Sonic PS-12450, PS12450 replacement Sealed lead acid Batteries

Rechargeable 12 volt Sealed lead batteries, these heavy duty batteries are used a lot in mobility wheelchairs, Power-Sonic PS-12450, PS12450 replacement Sealed lead acid Batteries

It makes financial sense to look after your new Power-Sonic PS-12450, PS12450 replacement Sealed lead acid Batteries, fully charge them before first use, try not to discharge them too much before recharging, a battery that is recharged after 50% discharge is going to have a longer life than one that is left to 60% or more.

Best to use an intelligent charger to look after your sealed lead batteries, we do a selection of 12 volt and even some 24 volt ones that can be used direct on a mobility device that has two 12 volt batteries installed.

Compatible replacement battery

Power-Sonic PS-12450, PS12450 replacement Sealed lead acid Batteries

Valve regulated lead acid battery (VRLA)

These batteries have many uses but are most often found in Mobility wheelchairs and scooters connected together for a 24 volt supply

These sealed lead acid batteries (SLA) are Non-spillable, Non Hazardous and maintenance free, branded by one of the best in the business, these Power Sonic batteries have a capacity of 42 / 45AH , as you would expect from the brand leader they are manufactured to a very high standard and can be used in a wide range of applications.

Chemistry of battery: Sealed Lead Acid
Voltage of battery: 12v
Capacity of battery: 42 / 45AH



Long:   197
Width:  165
High:   170
Total Height Inc Terminals: 170
Type of Fitting: ****T6****

Voor meer technische informatie over de specificaties van de Power Sonic Loodaccu 12V/45Ah. PS12450 klik hier: Technische specificaties van de Loodaccu 12V/45Ah. PS12450

Extra informatie

Gewicht 15000 g
Afmetingen 197 × 165 × 170 mm





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